Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Things to Look For In POS Software

by: Jason Harrison

As a mid-sized retail chain that deals in sporting goods, you have multiple locations to deal with. If you have anywhere between 3 and 25 locations, it is time you looked at POS retail software. POS retail software is used to calculate sales, sales tax, and change because it is a computerized cash register. There are many other things POS retail software can do, so it is important to look at your needs when determining the type of POS retail software you need for your business.

When comparing POS retail software systems, you want to begin by choosing a company that has experience. They need to have installed hundreds of POS retail software systems with a positive client rating. There is no substitute for years of experience and a good track record. They should have the background to deal with whatever your unique situation can throw at them. They should also have great customer service skills and easy to use support.

Because you have multiple locations, you need your POS retail software to provide you with inventory management tools, work with your barcode scanner, and give you flexibility. For instance, you want to be able to search your POS retail software inventory database using vendor, category, SKU and keywords. You want your POS retail software to track and record the date and location of each sale, as well as the employee making the sale. By integrating all of your information into a POS retail software system you will be able to access anything you need in real time.

Some of the benefits of having this type of information at your fingertips include accurate inventory ordering. Your hosted POS retail software can help you with trending so that you know when and how much inventory you need. Your POS retail software can also let you know immediately when you reach a pre-determined level of inventory before you make a new order. Other managers may be authorized to place orders, but the POS retail software will send you a notification each time someone does so you can monitor the situation. Another benefit is the time of day aspect of recording sales. You can see when each location is the busiest so that you can more accurately create employee schedules. This will save you money as you make sure you have adequate customer support without overdoing it.

Comparing POS retail software systems means you need to compare costs. You want a system that has sophisticated software at an affordable price. You want them to use advanced technologies that will help your business grow. Be sure to ask questions about these things as you price out the different POS retail software companies. A company that puts all of your data on their secure server frees you up to manage your business while they manage your data. This is called Software as a Service or SaaS.

By understanding what POS retail software can do, you will be able to choose the right supplier for your business needs. Going with a POS retail software company that has plenty of experience, has the right management tools and is affordable is more possible than you might have thought. With your finger on the pulse of your business, you will be able to increase your profit margin.


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