Friday, October 29, 2010

A Good Alternative To Resume Rabbit

by: Silas Reed

There are quite a number of websites that would promise you all the benefits of submitting your resume over their website but ultimately you will find that you are not getting the exposure you actually demand. You are not even being called by well known companies and the job search results are proving to be quite futile for you since you are not getting the jobs that suit your qualifications perfectly. So in these cases how do you intend to help yourself? Will you sit idle and wait till you land up on the golden opportunity, or decide to shed off your passive gown and take up an active role? I think it is time that you change the resume submitting site.

In this article we will take a look at the features of a good website which you can choose to go with. The features must make you feel confident so that you are ready to move for a better alternative. Now let us take a look at them.

It must be a well reputed and well known site

A site that is well known and has a good reputation can actually help you attract the attention of potential employers. They are well equipped enough to make your search really short and just bring forward those options which are good enough for you to consider. All the big names and the companies that would value your qualifications and experience would be brought in front of you within a short period of time.

The site should protect your personal information responsibly

Now there are quite a number of sites that can not help sending emails to you even after you have removed your resume and also give the link of your email id to other sources that would keep buzzing you over a period of time. You should avoid such sites that would be a constant source of problem to you even after you have bagged a job with the help of them. And you must be careful with the fact that you are not disclosing some of your real confidential and personal information to them. If the site is not responsible enough then chances are that your information gets tampered.

Such a site should be used that is user friendly

If the sites are not user friendly, then you will naturally not feel very comfortable working with them. In a site there are many other features apart from just uploading your resume. There can be features of using free tools and if these processes land up to be confusing then chances are that you will not feel very happy working with it and you shall not even get to extract the best out of the site. Moreover not only you, even the recruiters must find it easy to use or else your resume would remain undiscovered for a long period of time.

So these are some of the features you must look for your alternative search. Resume boomer is quite a good option in this case and even sites like careerbuilder and may also be considered.

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