Thursday, August 05, 2010

What You Need To Know About An IT Staffing Company?

by: Rudy Silva

An IT staffing company doesn’t just act as a technical recruiter for IT companies. They also provide other IT-based services such as: software development and professional advice.

Finding employment is not easy. With the economic downfall and the high rate of competition among job seekers, job searching has become harder. As result, a higher number of unemployment is experienced in most areas of the world.

Every job seeker possesses special attributes that they can contribute to a company’s growth. The problem is that not all of them can create a strong and professional impression to their interviewers.

A competent worker is like a needle in the haystack. Every company wants to employ the best and most competent worker, unfortunately, finding one is not an easy task.

As observed, job seekers would impress their interviewers as best as they can just to secure the position. They would talk about their skills, abilities and positive traits. But, failing to identify which applicant could really perform the job would surely cost the company money and time.

Another problem in hiring an employee is that they generally perform efficiently at the beginning of their contract. More often than not, this is merely a short-lived efficiency. In the end, the company would end up looking for a new person to fill the position again.

One solution that is considered by both companies and job searcher is an IT staffing company. Lately these staffing companies have expanded, providing great service for all clients.

But the question is, how can an IT staffing company help you?

First, this kind of technical recruiter doesn’t just offer temporary job services; it has the ability to provide long term career management services. So whether you are a company or a job seeker, you can be sure that the money you will spend with them can be worth it.

Second, contrary to the ordinary job placement agency, IT staffing firms can be easily found in the internet. This means, you do not have to spend transportation to go through a pre-screening process. By simply passing your resume online, you’ll know whether you are qualified for a position or not.

For companies, they can easily have access on the list of available job seekers, who might pass their qualifications. This could help them save time from posting advertisements on the net, schools, government agencies or other public places.

An IT staffing agency’s first priority is to provide competent IT employees to their clients. With this, the client’s time will be again saved. How? Because they can be sure that only qualified applicants would be sent to them, thus making the pre-employment process faster.

On the other hand, job seeker’s time could also be saved. Indeed, their time is saved because they no longer have to spend their whole day browsing for a job. They can be sure that every company calls them for an interview is related to their skills.

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