Saturday, August 07, 2010

How To Post Your Resumes Online?

by: Silas Reed

When you have taken the decision of leaving your current job, or you have just stepped out of your academic life and now badly in search of a job then having your resumes posted online can be of special help to you. Through many links and sources you can land upon the valuable information about the appropriate jobs and some of the good career sites can be the right options in this regard.

They can provide you with the information of posting your resumes online. Posting resume online can give you the correct start for your career. You will increase your chances of being found out by companies and recruiters. Let us have a look at the steps of posting your resumes online.

Create a resume according to the instructions given

If you have not created a resume yet, then follow the format that has been given over the net and make it suitable for many job listings.

Have your resume updated so that it is formatted in the correct way

Convert the resume to the text only document style. You need to update phrases and words in such a way so that online recruiters find it easy to locate you. This is how you can best use your resume.

If your resume is big then create multiple resumes

If your resume is really long then have them specialized. Create multiple resumes which can cater to the demands of many types of jobs. In this way you can match your resume according to the needs of your potential employer even though you know not who it is.

A cover letter should be created

It is not possible that you will manage a direct talk to your new employer over the job boards but you can achieve this making a cover letter. This cover letter should also be converted to the text only document style.

Big job boards should be targeted

You should try to post your resume over big and reputed sites like Yahoo, Monster and Career Builder.

Do not make the mistake of overlooking the smaller boards

There are many job boards that are particularly made for certain industry. Now if you can find the job board for your target industry then it is a good idea to have it posted out there in order to increase your chances of being found out by them.

Look for sites that give you the scope to upload your pictures or video

Some of the job boards have a resume builder or a resume section

Collect your job history, education, special skills from your resume and have them typed separately.

Job tools that are provided by job boards for free should be taken advantage of

Many sites have search engines that can automatically get you the links of jobs that match with your profile. You will be sent emails whenever their search matches with your profile. So it is good idea to take help of job agents which most of these job boards have in order to help you.

The above guidelines if followed can give you good results.and sign up today to get your resume posted instantly on over 60 job websites.

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