Sunday, January 17, 2010

Riding a Safe Car

Do you love car? If your answer is No then you are probably lying to yourself. Everybody loves car especially the classic ones. Speaking of classic cars then you should check out the 5 best car movies of all time at PlayItSafeBlog. Those movies will bring back good memories of classic cars such as 1968 Mustang, 1957 Chevrolet, or 1950 Ford. The site also gives you the information of the 5 worst car movies ever. If you are fond of car flick then you should avoid renting or watching those 5 worst car movies.

Seeing car flicks make me think that is that car insured? Because in some of car movies today such as Tokyo Drift, The Fast and The Furious, Transporter, etc., you will see that good cars are brought into the movie just to be wrecked. The main character in the movie always drive the best car and then in the chasing scene the car will be either destroyed or scratched. I really hope the director has auto insurance because if he or she doesn't then the producer of the movie will lose money if the movie turns out to be a flop. If you have an expensive car such as in the movies then you are really in need of a good auto insurance which will cover your lost in the event of an accident or else. To have a SafeAuto you should check out the site from time to time and see the information on the site.

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