Friday, January 29, 2010

Home Security System

My neighborhood used to be a nice and safe place to live in. Until recently, we did not have any crime case such as burglary, force and entry, etc. But that safe environment changed because of one incident. Mr. Matthew who lives across my house visited his parents in Canada just a few days ago. He left the house unattended because he does not have any relatives in this town. Once he got back, he was surprised to see his house looked like a ship wreck. Everything was thrown upside down. The most important thing was that he lost a great deal of money which he kept in a deposit box inside the house.

What happened to Mr. Matthew suddenly woke me up because it could have been my house that the thief broke into that night. It was time to keep the house safe even though you left it with no one in it. That was why I decided to install a security system. After looking for information on the internet and opinions from friends who already installed security system of their own, I decided to ADT home security system. ADT Home Security System includes a digital keypad with which you can access police, fire and medical dispatch with one touch, a keychain remote access to arm or disarm your system, motion detectors which can distinguish between pets or humans, high decibel alarm siren which can wake up your neighborhood in a second. Moreover the system will be installed by a certified professional thus your system will run perfectly. Now I am feeling safe whenever I travel because I know I left my house in a safe hand of ADT Home Security System.

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