Monday, June 15, 2009

Course Hero

When I was an undergraduate student back in 1996, I encountered many problems during my study. These problems include finding books for the course, completing exercises given by lecturer or studying for the final exam. The hardest part for me was finding materials not just books but also papers or solutions for any given problem. I tried to talk to my seniors or even contact my lecturer directly but it still didn't satisfy me. It was really hard at that time to finish my study with all of those problems.

But fortunately for you who are a student, especially electrical engineering (EE) student, now there is a website called Course Hero which can solved your problem. Most of you probably don’t know about the site but I can assure you that this is a very useful site where you can find materials for your course. When I said materials I was talking about study materials, EE Homework Answer, EE Textbook Solution and many more. These materials were compiled from different well-known universities such as Cornell, Princeton, Virginia Tech, Harvard, etc. So if you are preparing for an exam and need for an EE Textbook Solutionyou should really check out the site. This way you will be well prepared to answer your exam and hopefully it will help you to pass the exam with flying colours.

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