Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Christian Bale

As most of people I also really love to watch movie because it can entertain you and make you forget your problem for a while. Action is my most favorite kind of movie. I really enjoy watching car chase, plot to rob a bank and see good guys catch the bad guys. One of my favorite movie of all time is Batman Begins. Why do I like the movie? Because unlike any previous Batman movies, in Batman Begins you see can Batman for who he really is. I mean superheroes are still human and they have emotions. This is what is lacking in Batman movies prior to Batman Begins.

Talking about movies you also have to talk about actors and actresses. For my favorite actor I choose Christian Bale. It is not coincidence that Christian Bale is the star in my favorite movie which is Batman Begins. I love the movie and the star. The fact is that I enjoy watching his act in that movie. If not because the death of Heath Ledger who was his counterpart in Batman: The Dark Knight he would've won the Oscar for the movie. But this lost is just temporary because I believe that he will win the Oscar in the future. For those of you who also love him, you should see his latest movie Terminator: Salvation. Please nominate him in the Best of the Best Awards (BoB Awards).

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