Saturday, May 23, 2009

Camelback Displays

For companies which sell products, it is very important to promote new products with trade shows. It will hell to boost the sale of the product by doing displays. But doing a trade show can be really difficult if you want to do it by yourself. That is where Camelback, Inc. comes in handy. Camelback, Inc. helps to provide anything including design and delivery of trade show displays for companies which want to do an exhibition or trade show. These displays can incorporate pop-ups, panel systems, truss, large mural graphics, hanging signs, table top displays, hybrid exhibits, etc. It even includes accessories such as lighting, banner stands, brochure racks and many more.

If you want to have colorful flooring you can also ask for logo floor mats which you can design by yourself or have them designed for you. This logo can be inlaid or printed according to your request. Sometimes you also have to add exhibit boots to effectively used the available space. Camelback, Inc. can also provide you with that. Camelback, Inc. also supplies various types of display and concert truss. These types of truss are usually used for night clubs, concert, retail stores, etc. So if your company is going to held an exhibition or trade shows make sure that you contact Camelback, Inc. to arrange it for you.

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