Friday, September 05, 2008

HD Radio

For people who were born before the new age of technology, radio was their favorite means of entertainment. They listened to it everyday to hear their favorite songs. With the introduction of television and internet, radio is no longer the number one choice of entertainment. But this can change if you listen to Florida High Definition Radio stations. This is not a traditional radio which use a satellite to broadcast but it is a digital radio. You can think of it as a digital version of AM & FM.

Check out the site and see the nearest station to your place. If you are country lover then you can look for new country music stations and tune it to it to get the newest country songs. If you have an iPod, surely you would love to hear it again. Well with the Polk Audio I-sonic ES2 receiver you can tag a song and the HD receiver will save the song to your iPod. The song will then appear under a playlist called "Tagged" and then you can buy and download the song from iTunes. This way you will never miss a new song which you really love but don't know the title of the song yet.

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