Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Active Directory

Maintaining users who use computer network in your company would be a very hard thing to do. It requires a good knowledge of networking, especially active directory if the company use Windows operating system. The Windows 2003 Server version has a built in active directory management to control all operational resources such as network password, domain registration, user rights and many more. Using all of these active directory tools oblige you to be an expert in IT. But sometimes people want to try different things. One solution that you can consider to use is provided by Ensim.

Through it's Unify solutions which are offered in four different version namely Enterprise, Shared, Managed and Saas, Ensim provides a reliable tools to maintain legacy systems, implement new services and reduce the cost all at the same time. Obviously when you are working with a large number of users in your network they bound to exchange files and resources to improve the productivity. This looks like a simple matter to solve with Microsoft Exchange. But the tiniest of misconfiguration could lead to a fatal error. Thus Ensim propose an exchange management system that is really easy to configure. The system can work side by side with the active directory by using the exchange tools provided by the solutions. This way your IT manager can set up you exchange environment and guarantee the uptime. Try the demo version of the solution so you can feel the difference. Go to the site now and download it.

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