Thursday, March 07, 2013

My Music and Movie Store

I work in a record store which sells music and video in a vcd, dvd or blue ray format. We have around a thousand titles for music cds from country, pop, reggae, rock, hip-hip and many more. The video collection ranges from a movie which was released in the 1950s up to some of the most recent ones. For each of those titles, music or video, we have to stock at least ten records at our store due to the heavy demand. Suppose for each decade there are 100 movie titles then for the movie collections itself we have 100*7*10 = 7000 cds. Of course this is just a rough estimate because the rate of movies produced increases with each year. So to record the number of stock for each music or movie title we use a tailor-made software. We first grouped them by production year and then sorted them using the title. We give a specific code for each title by using the first letter of the title and add a three digits number. For each code we then use the number from 0-9 to mark the number of stock. The software also uses direct thermal labels to print the code and the title to be put on the cd and dvd. This information is very important in that it needs to be printed on clear labels so our customers do not get confused when they are looking for specific titles. Our company always uses labels from Blanco. Blanco only produces quality labels by using the highest quality of materials. Visit the site here and see for yourself the wide range of labels which are offered by Blanco. You can also search the labels by the sheet, by size, by printer type or by application. If you find what you are looking for then please check the price and availability before making your purchase. What makes our company even happier is that you can order labels with your own design. That is why we have been very satisfied with Blanco and have been using them from day one!

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