Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dry Ice Cleaning

My friend, who owns a bakery, had a problem with his baking machine a few days ago. The machine needed cleaning, but my friend didn't have any experience in doing this, in fact he has never cleaned it until recently. So he asked me whether I had any knowledge about cleaning a baking machine or if I could at least give him advice on who he should asked for help. Of course the first idea which crossed my mind was to clean it by ourselves using traditional means, water and rags. This turned out to be a bad idea once I saw how big the machine was, not to mention there were spaces where our hands were too big to fit or we couldn't reach. There had to be another way, which would be much simpler and more efficient. I spent some time on the Internet researching for a solution. That was when I found out about dry ice cleaning. The method is not only really easy to do but also effective, efficient and eco friendly. Read more if you want to know how to apply the method to solve your problem. Cleaning with dry ice is the same as other cleaning methods like sand, plastic bead, or soda cleaning. Each of these methods involves propelling the medium at an extremely high speed. The only difference is the medium. [Dry ice blasting] uses, well you guessed it, pellets of dry ice. Your next question should be why dry ice? What makes this method better than the others? Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide. Upon impact with the surface that you want to clean, it sublimates immediately. Due to the different temperature on the top and underlying surface, the dry ice will remove the contaminant that lies in the top layer. Heat from the contaminant will change the solid dry ice into gas, and caused it to flake off. Thus you will have a really clean surface after the process. There is absolutely no chemical residue produced by the process and dry ice sublimates in room temperature. Once I told my friend about this method, he went straight to the Internet and acquired the service from a company. Now his baking machine has been cleaned and he can continue making delicious baked goods again.

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