Friday, June 24, 2011

Playing Casino Online

I and my friends have this weekly game of playing cards. This has been done since before we graduated from college. Fortunately after graduation we worked at the same company and we live on the same neighborhood so our weekly "ritual" can continue. Oh I forgot to mention that there are four of us namely James, Brian, Michael and of course me, Steve. We love all kinds of cards game but we love poker the most. To make the game more interesting we add a few dollars in every game but never too much. Usually I always win and the contrary happens to Michael. James and Brian both had their wins and losses. But tonight it is an entirely different story.

Michael won the whole nine games we have played so far. I do not know what tricks he has but it is really working. If this goes on I will surely go broke. Nine games losing streaks looked enough so I suggested to the guys that we call the night off. They all agreed thus we stopped playing. This was the chance for me to ask Michael's secret. He just laughed when I asked what his secret really was. But after a while he agreed to tell me the secret. It turned out that he has been playing online casino. He was introduced to a site by his friend where he gets all this tips and tricks about poker. The site also gives poker reviews and he read them all. He learned the tricks and put it into action in our weekly card game. I guess playing poker online gave him the opportunity to meet new friends that share their secret about playing poker. I still cannot believe that I was beaten by him tonight, not just once but nine times. I have to know the name of the site where he learned his tricks and get back to him next week. I am confident that I can learn more than him. Wish me luck guys and pray for me so I can beat him next week.

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