Thursday, September 02, 2010

Mangaged Or Unmanaged Server ? What Is Better?

by: Frank Breinling

What is a dedicated server?

The only function of a stand alone server, a so called dedicated server, is to serve one client. Service providers can have direct access to the dedicated server which are hosted in data centers. The main reason for moving from a shared hosting account to a dedicated server is a need for more data space and bandwidth. You don't have to share any resources and you can install the software you want with this type of server.

There are two types of hosting you can choose from:

Managed Dedicated Server - The host looks after your hardware and operation needs. This means they monitor and manage the network and any connection problems that occur. They also install new updates, replace any hardware that is needed, put in and update security measures and install patches (software that fixes problems).

Unmanaged Dedicated Server - With this server the responsibility of the daily operation and maintenance needs are yours. It all will be your responsibilty, i.e updating software, applying of patches and security or updating the software. The service provider still looks after the network monitoring, connection problems and the hardware; they may only offer to take part of the responsibility for these things.

What is better for you? A managed or unmanaged dedicated server?

This all depends on your needs and the personnel you have available to you. If you do not have a server administrator or IT staff at your location who can dedicate a fair amount of time to maintaining, monitoring and troubleshooting the dedicated server, then you should get a managed dedicated server that will be able to fulfill all these needs, including upgrading and security monitoring. You will also keep your staffing budget low by choosing this server method.

If, however, you already have IT staff in your employment, with the time and expertise to maintain the dedicated server, then the unmanaged dedicated sever could be just right for you.

Once you have selected the hardware and operating system that is best for your dedicated server, you need to decide who you are going to get to run your server. It's clever to find a hosting company that is offering both, managed and unmanaged servers, if for some reason your IT staff is away you can make use of switching from unmanaged to managed service. Now that you have hosting, things should run smoothly.

For beginners I recommend choosing a managed server. Unmanaged servers can be very time consuming to keep them running and online.

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