Monday, February 08, 2010

Beware of Key Logger's Threat

In the last month, people in Indonesia especially who live in Jakarta and Bali have been shocked by theft who targeted their bank accounts. It seemed that the theft use some kind of device called skimmer which can copy the data from their ATM card. They usually put this device on ATM where not so many people use it. With the help of a hidden camera, they got the personal identification number (PIN) by watching the recorded video. The skimming device then used to produce a duplicate of the real ATM and used on machine to withdraw money from bank account.

The same thing can happened to us when we are using our computers to browse the internet. Bad people can send you an email with a very interesting header which leads you to open the attachment in that email. Instead of being what it said in the email, the attachment is truly a program which is used to spy on your by logging every key stroke. This program is called key logger. The use of this program is really dangerous because every personal details which you type on your browser such as email password, bank account PIN etc can be recorded.

How to prevent this threat? The first thing you need to do is to install an antivirus software on your computer. Although advance key logger today on the market is really hard to detect by this antivirus, it is a wise decision to install antivirus for prevention. Second, you have to keep an eye on emails with attachment. Do not open the attachment if you do not know what is inside it. Delete the email right away to prevent any potential harm on your computer.


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  2. we must beware of everything threat us...