Monday, February 09, 2009

Ezines For Purely Personal Pleasure

by: Scott Lindsay

Everyone has a passion for something. This can be a hobby or sport, but it can also be a subject.

I’ve talked about ezines as a way to develop marketing potential for an online business, but ezines don’t have to be specifically developed for business.

Virtually every successful business owner has something besides their business they are passionate about. In many cases they are as knowledgeable about this ‘other’ topic as they are about their business. You can bet these entrepreneurs find themselves more interested in this something else than business when they are away from the office.

Why not develop an ezine that deals specifically with your ‘away from business’ interest.

Maybe it’s trading cards or model railroading. Perhaps your interest is interior decorating or crafting handbags for friends. Some may be fully immersed in fishing or sculpting. The possibilities go one far longer than I have space to write.

If you believe the idea frivolous you need to know that you can develop an AdSense or other PPC account to place ads on your site that will help to offset any expenses associated with the development of your online ezine.

Content for the ezine can be taken from free article directories, personal writings or even submissions from those who subscribe to the ezine and have similar interests.

Work to locate those individuals who may be able to take on a column or a guest slot. It could be that someone is gifted in editing and layout and could provide their time on a volunteer basis to make the ezine work.

The idea is to facilitate a web presence for something you believe in. The truth is you could extend the idea even further and create an ezine related to a cause you really believe strongly in. In most cases you will receive the blessing of the organization and they would likely have key contacts to assist you with content development.

Many people consider this a very self-absorbed society, but when you take the time to create an ezine specifically related to a passion either in personal interest or public assistance you can help show others by example that giving back on a personal level is a powerful thing.

You can help promote the ezine through blog entries and forum posts. You can take the message to your social media page and you can also create a special page on your primary business site that allows visitors the opportunity to visit your personal interest ezine.

For too long we have been willing to sacrifice time with family and personal interests in order to earn some extra dollars. The point is if money is your goal in life you will never have enough time to satisfy your need to enjoy life.

Developing an ezine that mirrors a personal interest will likely encourage you to make time for that interest by reorganizing your priorities.

Define your interests and see if there may be a way to creatively pass along your enthusiasm through the use of an ezine.

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