Saturday, October 11, 2008

2008 Toyota Highlander

What are your criteria of buying your dream car? Is it the brand or is it the machine? Some people might think the features of both interior and exterior of the car are the most important thing to see in a car. For me the best car is a car in which all of the member of my family can fit in. The car is economical in fuel and has a good resale value. If you are talking about brand then big brand names from Japan such as Toyota is the best one to choose. The new toyota highlander seems fit all of my criteria. But before we decide to buy the car, we need to read this toyota highlander reviews just to be sure.

Where else can you find the best 2008 toyota highlander reviews other than in TheCarConnection. The car receives an average score of 7.8 according to the reviewers. Some of the good things that those reviewers mention include big V-6 power, quite ride, clever second row seat, good handling with sport model and “light” off-road capabilities. The downside of the car such as dull electric steering, too-soft suspension, cramped optional third, row seat and slow transmission shifts should also be your considerations. All in all in my opinion this 2008 toyota highlander would be a perfect family car. But we should also take price into mind because this kind of sport car doesn’t comes cheap.

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