Monday, June 02, 2008

Free Foreclosures Search

Buying properties such as a house or a piece of land are very good investment nowadays. The price of these properties tend to increase over time given that there is no force majeurs such as earthquakes, tornado or flood. A bank foreclosure is the easiest way of finding properties which are low in prices. But usually there are no free foreclosures lists on the internet thus you have to search them on your own.

It would be nice if you kind find a site which provides a free foreclosure search service. Then you can easily find any properties you want with its details and save you a great deal of time. When I was searching for these free foreclosure lists I came across this good site. The site was developed by Gwen and her boyfriend who is a programmer. She is a real estate investor and after a while she found out that many websites offer free foreclosure listings but in the end they actually charge you for it. She wanted to help people like her who are searching for good properties with acceptable price.

To search a foreclosure in the site is really simple. You just click on the United States of America map which is provided at the site. Once you click any part of the map it will show you the list of all available foreclosures in the area you want. Some of the details which are included in the list are the full address, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, dimension of the land and the realtor's information. One thing that I found needed improvement was the lack of pictures of the property. Aside from that the site is really good with details. So if you are a real estate investor who is in need of a good free foreclosure listings then this is a good site for you. Better check out the site whenever you want to invest.

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