Wednesday, September 05, 2007

World's Mysteries Blog

The Truth Is Out There

Above is the famous quote from The X-Files tv series which was the number one tv-show in the early 90s. The series told some unexplainable phenomenas such as UFO, spontaneous human combustions, freaky creatures, etc with its two detectives, Murder and Scully running around trying to solve the case. For me it was a really superb tv series and one of my favorites as I have a special interest in mysteries. Now after the tv-series has stopped being aired, I still have to satisfy my curiosities. So after doing some blogwalking and searching on the internet I have come across this site. The tag of the site says it all, "world's mysteries blog: unexplained phenomena, ancient history, conspiracies, occult, spiritual, anomalies & more". Thank god somebody made this site. I have been addicted since and keep on coming back to that site to read the new articles. But unfortunately the site currently only available in Indonesian. It has so many articles date back from 17th of April 2007, with its first published article called "10 tempat ter-angker di Jakarta" or the ten scariest place in Jakarta in English. What I like about the article written there is that it is the compilation of many resources. The author really has put some good works of finding, compiling and then writing facts instead of fictions. It is really an enjoyable and interesting site to visit.


  1. Wew, cool interests..
    So it's better if you write a mystery regarding Bali such as the Power of Leak or How to change your shape into monkey for examples. Meanwhile you can learn those sciences as can you can 'nglekas' hehe, it sounds nice isn't it?? :D

  2. Surely I would not want to change into monkey because human is above all the best that we can get. So I will just leave it for somebody else to write about the mystery of Bali, after all I have always experienced it (I'm Balinese right? :D)

  3. And may be the statement can be continued ... "justice may be blind, but it can see in the dark".

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