Thursday, April 01, 2004

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About me? Hmmm that's a very tricky question. Suppose I tell you that I am smart, good looking man who has a beautiful wife, a cute son and a lovely daughter, would you believe me? Maybe yes, maybe not. So you have to find that out yourself and then tell me what do you think of me? :D

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  1. Hi Agus

    Good to see your an AC Milan fan:) (Marco Van Basten Rules!!hehe) And so many do you get the time:)

    My name Majid and I'm from the UK. I'm launching a football website and need some feedback, suggestions for improvements and generally help testing the site. Being a blogger I think you could offer some really valuable feedback for the site. I would have emailed you but couldnt find your contact details:P

    The site is like friendster but for football fans and is really useful for bloggers, as you can promote your blog and make new friends as well as find new readers.

    As I mentioned I would really appreciate it if you could help test it and offer feedback . Its completely free and you'll be one of the first to see it (its in beta test launch at the moment)

    Heres the link.



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